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1967 - 1968 / Re: 67 GTA 289 Coupe, Spring Codes and Markings, San Jose
« Last post by 67gta289 on January 23, 2018, 08:50:37 PM »
All I can offer is this, acknowledging up front that San Jose data is the most elusive, and the other assembly plant colors may not cross over.  But since there is a lack of data...

1. Front springs, 7T01A260xxx, GT coupe (manual trans), no air, YELLOW VIOLET - same as what I found on my San Jose GTA C code fastback.  Copy of Jan 67 MPC attached.

2. Rear springs, 7T01A260xxx, GT coupe (manual trans), no air, ORANGE PINK - unfortunately my originals (C7ZA-5556-AE) were sand blasted off in 1981.

Unfortunately that's all I have.
1967 - 1968 / Re: 67 SJ Gaffer Tape Usage
« Last post by jwc66k on January 23, 2018, 08:49:17 PM »
-  all of these pics are duplicates of what's in the MPC, but pruned to only deal with particular years and then only Mustangs.
More important, it's what was used by service departments, not exactly what the factory installed originally.
For a FREE version of the MPC, try
General Discussion / Re: SAAC Forum down
« Last post by rodster on January 23, 2018, 08:45:39 PM »
Thanks Steve.  While our main focus is to help others, building a library for future reference was always a key benefit.  This forum is coming up on 9 years this summer and I couldn't imagine losing all of our past discussions here.

In the past, Jeff and I have discussed expanding the Shelby sub-forums here on the site.  It would never be our intention to do that in an effort to take away from the SAAC forum, but understand if some may not be willing to participate there anymore.  If the members here would like to see that section expanded, we can certainly do that.

You guys do a great job here and certainly had the big picture in mind when you started this forum and I'm guessing a back up is a high priority. 

Coming up on 9 yrs?   :o  Wow really??

In order to avoid duplication I always posted any Shelby concours info on the SAAC site but will shift my focus here. 

Now if you could go back and capture all the data that was lost and port it here that would be great!

1967 - 1968 / Re: 67 SJ Gaffer Tape Usage
« Last post by Bossbill on January 23, 2018, 08:28:45 PM »
Exactly -- I bought the 67 version of the red Body Illustration manual on the top left.
Yes, all of these pics are duplicates of what's in the MPC, but pruned to only deal with particular years and then only Mustangs. It's only illustrations.
A handy quick reference and then I drill down into the MPC if needed.

Do note that the OwnerGuard protection built into the manuals is a bit obtuse to load, but seems to work well after a few hiccups. Hopefully the license server keeps running!

Sorry this topic has wandered so far afield.
1964 1/2 - 1966 / Re: source for 66 satin wiper arms
« Last post by rrenz on January 23, 2018, 08:25:51 PM »
The originals may be worth restoring 50 years in the future when there is no alternative and then it will be prohibitively expensive unless money is no object. There is a lot of labor to disassemble the arm ,take the diecast hub flange off ,repair the pits , re satin chrome plate the finish (special plating) and reassemble. There are still many out there in good condition to find. I have a few excellent pairs to sell in case you cant find any . Remember millions of Mustangs (66-mid 68 ) used them. That means a lot are still out there. The trick is knowing where to look.

Thanks for the heads up. I may contact you on some wiper arms before the upcoming show season.
1967 - 1968 / Re: 67 SJ Gaffer Tape Usage
« Last post by Bossbill on January 23, 2018, 08:13:33 PM »
Don't get me wrong -- I really appreciate the effort it took to make these available. And understand that there were revisions.
Simply wishing that instead of buying the paper copy that the owners of these manuals (Osborne's family?) could scan them at a high resolution and make them available digitally.
There are protection methods available (like uses OwnerGuard) that keeps the digital versions from being copied without payment.
Just another way for them to make money!

I use Jim's Mustang Hardware Spreadsheets and thank him for his efforts as well.
I had his spreadsheet open, opened up version of the Illustrated Part and Body Illustrations and then opened the MPC to get further details and showed all of this to a buddy on my Flatscreen in the shop.
He could not believe the amount of information available!
I then showed him some of Jeff's pics I saved from this forum on "how to" do sealers and he couldn't believe how far the hobby has progressed.

So thanks to all of you!

Here is a pic of the famous "upside down" floor drain plugs that verify the installation and show how my camera did when making a digital copy for my own use.
1967 - 1968 / Re: Tripometer
« Last post by 196667Bob on January 23, 2018, 07:57:37 PM »
I am going to disagree with you...I have seen 68 390 Auto's with 6K tachs.

I was initially going to respond to your comment of "disagreeing", that I fully agreed with Richard, that 68's only had 8000 rpm tachs. However, before making such a comment, I usually like to check my documentation.
I first looked at my 1960-68 MPC (first attachment). Sure enough, it only shows an 8000 tach for 1968 (same Part Number as 1967 8000 tach). While looking at the 1968 listing, I couldn't help looking at the 1967 (the 1967 Only MPC has the exact same wording less the "replaced by" comment). The way I read this is that 1967 HiPo's and 4bbl V8's both got the 8000 tach (a little different than what Richard noted). I then checked the 1967 and 1968 Sales Brochures. Both list the Trip Odometer/ Tach Option, but neither addresses whether 6000 or 8000.
Next, my 1967 Salesman's Price Book (second attachment). Note that under the "Tachometer Option", this agrees with what Richard noted (except Shelby's aren't addressed here), in that it only notes HiPo's as receiving the 8000 tach. Unfortunately, I do not have a 1968 Salesman's Price Book to be able to see what it might say.
At this point, I thought I'd check Kevin Marti's "Mustang by the Numbers" book. Well, he lists the Trip Odometer/ Tach Option, but doesn't break it down into how many 6000 and 8000 (makes me wonder if the Marti Reports break it down ?.
So now I was down to one final thought ; the Electrical Assembly Manuals. The 1967, while not saying when a 6000 was used and when an 8000 was used, does show a different cluster assembly for each ; C7ZF-10849-B for 6000 and C7ZF-10849-AZ (also shows different Part Numbers with Interior Décor Option for each). Now tothe 1968 Electrical Assembly Manual. Sure enough ; it shows a cluster of C8ZF-10849-E with 6000 and C8ZF-10849-S with 8000.

So, after all of that, it appears that both the 6000 and 8000 were available in 1968 ; question remains as to what determined when each was used.

For 1967, while we knew that both 6000 and 8000 were available, the question now is, were the 8000 only used in Shelby's and if the engine was a HiPo, or could it also be found in any 1967 V8 with a 4bbl carb ?

Hopefully someone has something better to document the answers than what I have found.


1967 - 1968 / Re: 67 SJ Gaffer Tape Usage
« Last post by J_Speegle on January 23, 2018, 07:47:12 PM »
The assembly manuals were collected and assembled (the Mustang versions) mostly while Jim was still alive. He had located a far number of versions from through out the production years. Most of the pages were damaged,  moldy and so on so he used  pages from one version and others from other versions.  And we accept that some pages were not useable in any of the manual he had collected though they are few. Because of all this we don't have a copy of an assembly manual from any one point in time but a collection of pages each likely was replaced at some point after a mistake was found, processes changed or for some other reason. The revisions and dates of publications are visible on each individual page

We had talked about the manuals possible existence for years Jim was the one that put his connections and applied his perseverance at putting them together.  We thought they would provide us with all the answers back in the 80's but as our knowledge increased about the differences between the plants and time periods we found out that they were not the final word but a part of the solution to many questions. Do miss Jim - may he rest in peace
1967 - 1968 / Re: 67 SJ Gaffer Tape Usage
« Last post by 67gta289 on January 23, 2018, 07:38:04 PM »
 Bill, two comments;

1.  These were large drawings, probably on Mylar or sepia based on the timeframe.  From those master drawings, scaled copies in blue print and other formats, was possible.  I made some drawings for Ford of some of my designs in the late 80’s.  The drawings were billable deliverables, and owned by Ford. 

2.  As improvements (better ideas, cost reductions - whether better ideas or not😎, etc) were done, they were implemented and approved as revised (or new) drawings.  What we should expect in the Osborn reproductions is that the latest versions, which would be most prevalent 20+ years after the fact, are what we are looking at.  As we traverse back in time towards the beginning of 67 production, we need to be very careful when interpreting those drawings.  This is exactly why this forum is so awesome, helping those that care about the gory details sift through all of the evidence and determine what is best for their car.  The copies of original drawings are indeed a great source, but are not always “correct” from a thoroughbred context.
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