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Posts with large pics
« on: October 07, 2015, 11:22:43 PM »
Over the years, once in a great while we get a post that goes into never land.  Click the thread link and it comes up with a blank screen.  If the user logs off the site, they can click the thread and it comes up, but with no picture(s).  It seems that there is something with embedded images, either the size or the way they are added to the thread.  In the past, I wasn't really sure what was causing it and had to go into the database to remove the post from a thread.  I realize now that attachments can be managed in the admin console, so I can simply remove the attachment and the thread will go back to working. 

This may be something with our current forum software version, but for now, if anyone sees this behavior, just send me a PM and I'll remove the attachment so the thread can be viewed.  For those that are attaching images and files, try to keep the size below 5MB.

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