Author Topic: Current SVO values (especially DEALER sales) 4/8/2016  (Read 1138 times)

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Current SVO values (especially DEALER sales) 4/8/2016
« on: April 09, 2016, 11:45:19 PM »
As you know I have sold 5 SVO's in the last 18 Months (working back from the above date) Not patting myself on back .....but have seen a number of cars "come out of the wood work" MANY from dealers.

Current ad's on Ebay and internet all REFER to Hagerty price valuation tools, which is a refection in recent sales.
I DID REPORT MY SALES AMOUNTS - SVO owners should know that Comp Preps especially low mileage cars will carry a higher value.

Eventually Hagerty Valuation will break out Comp Prep (41C) option cars from the other 9K+ cars to be more accurate. Look at it like 65 GT 350 vs GT 350R. Or the 93 Cobra R in comparison to the other 5K cars.

While we all like to see the increase in value and interest in SVO's - current NON 41C cars sell and sell much faster at the right price points. This is no difference than with listing a home, you can't overprice - the market/owners know.

I have many interested parties asking for my assistance in finding VERY NICE cars. THEY aren't interested in over priced dealer cars, knowing that many are not from enthusiasts. You can learn much from ads, write ups and work done to "spice up". So SO often buyers don't want a mod'd car, one that was recently worked on knowing they are paying for the work. (just like houses)

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