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This is the first time on this forum although I have read a lot of posts over the years.

I am attempting to rejuvenate - restore currently the engine bay of my GTA to as near to concourse standards as I can and after reading many posts and reading Bob Mannells book am trying to understand a few things.
Firstly - re Valve cover bolts - Bob Mannell book says they should be natural , however I have read in some forums people say the corners were painted the others weren’t.
The Australian MOCA concourse guidelines are vague on this and when last judged no points were deducted and all valve cover bolts were painted

What is actually correct ?

If some were to be painted - which ones would they be ?

The first thing people will ask is where was the vehicle produced and when - so i have detailed these items below including the engine data.

Vin – Door Data plate Details
Serial Number = 7R03A229598
7 = 1967
R = built in San Jose
03= Mustang convertible
A = 289- 4V  V8 engine
229598 = Serial number

76C = Mustang 2 Door Convertible
Y = Dark Moss Green paint , Ford #2039-A
4A= Black Standard interior with Bench Seat
30F = schedule to build 30th June 1967 ( actual built 7th July 1967)
71 = LA District Sales Office  ( LA sales office vehicle)
1 = 3.00 conventional rear axle
W = C-4 Select Shift Automatic Transmission

Engine details
engine CID = 289
plant code = c = Cleveland
model year 67 = 1967
change level 15
year  of production = 7 = 1967
mth production = F = June
engine code number = F-235-B
   235-B = A code premium fuel

Much appreciated


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First welcome to the site and we hope that the information and help you find here helps you in your concours related projects.

Have too many unrestored examples of 67s small blocks with painted valve cover bolts to accept at this time they were all natural and can't understand why the workers would want to add additional ones later unless they were leaving the valve cover gaskets off for some reason, adding them later then tightening down all the bolts after that point.  Since the bolts were plated it appears (as usual) the paint did not stick as well to them as the surrounding painted surfaces making determination even more challenging.
Currently I'm in the all painted along with the wire retainer on the drivers side camp.

Should add that the search feature can be helpful in answering many of your questions. If you think the information is old, we do learn things all the time, no problem with checking in and see if what was posted is still considered the true blue answer ;)

This thread that the search feature found was also started by an Australian  member about 67 small block valve cover bolts
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Jeff Speegle

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+ 1 on pain bolts.

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Welcome to the forum.
"If" your car came with chrome valve covers, the bolts were not painted. The engine was painted Ford blue with masks over the heads where the valve covers went. The masks were removed then the chrome covers with clear zinc bolts and unpainted clips installed. If the valve covers were painted blue, I agree with Jeff, bolts and clip were also blue. There's a trick to that, the painters were sloppy, a lot of missed spots and a lot of overspray.
You might consider letting the other Aussies know where you are located. There is a loose support group of Mustang faithful all over down under. (I'm in Santa Clara, CA, about 4 1/2 miles from the San Jose Ford assembly plant which is actually in Milpitas.)
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Many Thanks to all.

I had tried to use the search engine but will try and refine for next time. Looks like its painted plus the JHooks .

Much appreciated - only issue i have know is  that i will have to double check everything Bob Mannell had noted in his book for engine colours etc ..