Author Topic: Daniel Carpenter reproduction 79-84 side Mldg compared to NOS  (Read 479 times)

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Let me first say I have been wanting to compare these for a while.

I did not want to shell out money for the door Mldg. So, I saw that they have the Qtr Mldg for $24.00. I bought one.

This one is Ford Part D9ZZ-6129077 reproduction.  It goes on the driver side Qtr Panel before the rear wheel.

First impression, made in China, don't like that. We will stop on that topic.

Out of the package.  No stripes, up to user.

Ford NOS

Side by side Comparison. It looks like the NOS is larger. More on that in a minute.

Underside. No Metal strips on Reproduction

Thickness. The DC part is more rounded on top and bottom.

Same size they seem to be. Optical illusion before?

Here is the Reproduction on top of the NOS



Conclusion. Not bad at all. The rubber seems good, wish they were not as rounded on top and bottom, but a keen eye would see that.

I am always happy that our Fox Mustang gets some Reproduction parts.

Would I use these, well I am fortunate to have a NOS set to use when my car is painted.

However, I would use these if I did not have my NOS ones.

There is a Pace Car I saw with these on that from the picture looked good.

If you go this route you will need some stripes. I am not sure if DC is making these, but you can get a 3M kit that will work well just pick your color. Orange is my color.

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Re: Daniel Carpenter reproduction 79-84 side Mldg compared to NOS
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David, Thanks for sharing!
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