Author Topic: 69-70 Shelby, Mach I & Grande Trunk Underlayment  (Read 3910 times)

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69-70 Shelby, Mach I & Grande Trunk Underlayment
« on: July 28, 2009, 02:55:33 AM »
PROJECT: Reproducing Trunk Underlayment fo 69-70 Shelby's, Mach I's and Grande's

To see the complete article with step by step instructions - click the link below for pdf
69-70 Trunk Underlayment Article.pdf

TIME: Approx 4-5 hrs depending


- 2 full sheets of bulk underlayment material from Snakeoyl - We used one (see article text)
- Enough craft paper to cover the complete surface of your trunk    three times
- One quart of engine oil -any weight or brand
- Heat gun
- Sheers or knives capable of cutting the bulk underlayment and paper
- One can of spray adhesive
- Clean rags, small sections of carpet, old oven mitts or other products capable of insulating hands during the bonding process. See text


As restorers we often run into the fact that not every item we need for our car is either available or if available, not always correct.

The Challenge: If your restoring a 69-70 Mach I , Shelby or Grande, currently there is no reproduction made of the full trunk underlayment that was originally installed between your gas tank and trunk mat. This full size underlayment was part of the “extra” insulation package that came with your car.
Because the original underlayment was heavy, cracked and broke apart typically most of our cars have had it removed by prior owners. So most  no longer have any in their car and in turn, no clue that it was ever present

Support pictures

Samples of both the original material (on left) and the underlayment we made (on the right)

Our attempt installed

69 Dearborn/Shelby

69 San Jose Grande

69 San Jose Mach I

70 New Jersey Mach I

70 Dearborn Mach I

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