Author Topic: unused blank 68 69/70 Mustang Shelby buildsheets  (Read 449 times)

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unused blank 68 69/70 Mustang Shelby buildsheets
« on: October 15, 2017, 06:02:19 PM »
 I have some blank 68 69 build sheets stashed away in a file cabinet. I forgot I had them until a recent thread on the forum about someone finding numerous ones in a car sparked a memory. I haven't looked at them for at least 20-25 years. I would use them on the 69 Shelby's where the build sheet was attached to the pass side apron by the black tape and then torn away when the fenders were put on. Most of the time we only find a piece of tape . The paper disintegrated with time unless embedded in the strip caulk or tape . Most likely the typical  procedure on Mustang ,Boss and Shelby's that went down the Dearborn line. They were also wrapped around the wiring harness behind the dash on on 68's Metuchen Mustangs (Shelby's) cars. You could make a convincing duplicates with letter transfers from the art store. The 69 ones you didn't have to fill out much because they were ripped off and only a portion remained. I knew of some people who used printing type to "stamp" them since no access to the old computer in years past to add authenticity to bogus cars before Kevin Marti gained access to Ford files. I knew of a few of those examples back when and decided that these were kind of dangerous in the wrong hands so I remember filing them away and forgot about them. With Marti data base there is little concern about them being instrumental in authenticating a car again. Now they can be used as a cool little authenticity touch like they are meant to be in the same vain as assemblyline paint markings,ink stamps and such.Remember this would be a low resolution low value alternative instead of using the real build sheet from your car from getting damaged or destroyed. It would not be appropriate IMO to fill out and display separately with a car. If someone is interested in buying some 30.00 a piece or 2 for 40.00. Shipping is 8.50 Priority padded envelope . US address only . No checks please so please don't ask. I have had people say they were going to send checks and then I never got them.  Paypal using the friends and family option only thank you. PM me if interested. Thank you for looking.   
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