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1967 - 1968 / Re: 1967 390 AC idler pulley
« Last post by BKnapp on Today at 02:54:26 PM »
Brian, we will work with you. I am here to learn like everyone else. Scott

Thanks, Scott. Darrell has already reached out to me and I will get it to you guys this week. It is so nice to work with vendors that really want to do right by the customer. It is becoming a scarce quality and I truly appreciate it!
I have a pair of C9 nos stamped ford exh tips with rolled ends. If your not critical of year. $600 mailing included to MI.

1967 - 1968 / Re: 1967 390 AC idler pulley
« Last post by krelboyne on Today at 12:00:06 PM »
Thank you, Jeff. It certainly confirms the shorter hex boss and the fact mine is longer. What I cannot figure out is why the one image at WCCC (appears to be short like those pictured here) has the same casting number as mine, but mine is 3/8" longer. I doubt ford had the assembly line guys cut 3/8" off the part. I am guessing WCCC goes through the process Bob G suggested. I guess I will search for the C7SZ - A part. Hopefully WCCC will work with me, as these are not cheap.

I always appreciate the help and pictures.


Brian, we will work with you. I am here to learn like everyone else. Scott
1967 - 1968 / Re: Fair price?
« Last post by krelboyne on Today at 11:56:42 AM »
If an inspection supports the claims in the advertisement, it should get sold quick.
General Discussion / Re: Very cool 1965 mustang
« Last post by caspian65 on Today at 11:26:36 AM »
Saw that the reserve was $550k
Body, Paint & Sealers / Re: Got in wreck with my 1968 Ford Mustang
« Last post by Norcal87 on Today at 11:20:33 AM »
Well hopefully they don't total it.
Yes it does suck :'(. I have the car agreed value at $10.000 so anything over $7000 I think they might
Total her😢

I hope this doesn't hurt (what I'm about to write) but"TOTALLED" by insurance coverage should not be considered "totalled" by an"owner's standards" and considered GONE. You have the right to retain ownership but the process is could be deemed by you as"not profitable" in the end. I hope one way or another that you retain the car & have it fixed, even if the insurance company totals it out. When they "settle" with you, they will more than likely take the $10K "agreed value" price, subtract the estimate of repairs, add the resale value of the remains (auction value) and offer that number to you. It likely will not be a good number if this happens. :(

This "agreed value" (sometimes called "stated value") is what your insurance rates were based upon so you might have short-changed yourself. Insurance companies ALWAYS are looking for the "out" so if nothing else, once (if) you repair the car, you might also wish to UP the stated (agreed) value to a value closer to an actual "replacement cost" because IMHO, $10K will NOT or ever likely ever buy you another one of the same.
Body, Paint & Sealers / Re: Got in wreck with my 1968 Ford Mustang
« Last post by nham3407 on Today at 10:07:25 AM »
Wow, sorry you were caught up in that.  It is a shame, but you being OK is the most important thing.  You may run into problems with your coverage amount and that damage.  I hope it all works out to your satisfaction.
1967 - 1968 / 1967 NOS 14" Trim Rings C7ZZ-1210-A problems
« Last post by 67gtasanjose on Today at 09:07:27 AM »
I recently purchased yet ANOTHER set of NOS 14" Trim Rings C7ZZ-1210-A and once again received the narrower, 66 version. At least these had the stickers & boxes wihout any scratches or scrapes. These are claimed by the seller to have been in their possession since new in 1997 and ONLY opened for pictures prior to listing  ::)  :-\ Since these even had the correct paper stickers on them and do look to be what came in the boxes I received, I am beginning to have questions about what Ford may have been selling in the later days of carrying them.

So, is this simply yet another issue of Ford consolidated the inventory to a single Service part number? I do not have enough MPC's to investigate this.
1964 1/2 - 1966 / Re: Autolite 4100 TAGS - MASTER LIST
« Last post by Dan Case on Today at 08:57:39 AM »
Above, the C4OF-AL tag dated 4GA is one I am missing form my list. Always great finding a new HiPo to add! Can you please tell me if the tag is stamped as a Change Level "A" or "B"?


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