Author Topic: 1970 Boss 302 - Dearborn Trunk Black Paint Detail  (Read 271 times)

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1970 Boss 302 - Dearborn Trunk Black Paint Detail
« on: September 15, 2017, 05:02:11 PM »
Responded to a request on another forums and figured that while I was at it I should post the same over here to help others

OP did not specify a particular month or production period for the request but it appears that there was not as much differences between the months but more differences between how each shift masked and how much effort the particular painter put into the task

Hope this helps


Please remember that the amount and placement of paint and overspray varied depending on the effort, time and focus the painter gave a car that moment so what we have to go by is a range between a little or allot not always related to time of year for this specific detail. What is likely more important is the location of where the examples were masked and how they were masked since these produced the limitations the painter worker within.

Rectangle masks over the side rear marker lights so that black overspray did not exit the trunk and get on the exterior.

Masking across the taillight panel at the fuel filler opening and taillights to again keep black in the trunk compartment. Notice the differences of how far downward and forward the black was applied across or not across the rear cross member and trunk sided floors

Black out of the trunk lid hinges and the amount (again a little or much more) of black forward and under the trunk forward panels

Examples of the masking for the trunk opening corners. Notice the quick masking often produced gaps between the maskign tape and metal allowing small blow-outs at the compound curves since the workers did not take the time to press and shape the tape to the panel features

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