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8 Inch Rear End Whine
« on: October 02, 2017, 12:02:12 PM »
Wanted to get a little input before I pull my center section out. Awhile back I had a pinion bearing go bad. I pulled the case and replaced the two bearings, pilot bearing and crush sleeve. While I had it apart I figured I would address a backlash issue that I was having. If I recall right it was somewhere in the mid 20 thousandths. I adjusted it to about 10 thousandths. One more notch made it a little too close I had thought at the time so I settled on 10 thousandths. I drove it for the first time with the windows up this past week and noticed some excessive gear whining when under load. Then stops when coasting. Im assuming that this would be my backlash setting. I was going to pull the center section again and double check everything. While I have it out Should I reduce backlash a little more? I still have the original ring and gear set installed. Thanks
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