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FORD Tire Valve Extension Information
« on: December 29, 2017, 02:33:24 PM »
I am currently working on an Article about Ford Tire Valve Extensions, with emphasis on Mustang Applications. In trying to come up with the actual extensions, some have eluded me. Some of these came only with Wheel Cover Kits (4 Wheel Covers plus Extensions), and thus, some were not available as Service Parts. Others had very limited applications and as such have been hard to find.
Of the ones listed below that I need details for, only 2 of them have their Extension Length listed in any of the Master Parts Catalogs ; C2SZ-1705-A (1-31/64") and C4AZ-1705-A (1-1/2"). The C2SZ was used only on the 1962-63 Thunderbird Wire Wheels. The C4AZ shows up only in the 1960-64 Parts and Accessories Catalog (MPC), and is noted for C4AZ-1130- B and -C Wheel Covers.

Should anyone have any of the following listed Extensions (1965-68 applications shown in parentheses), please send me a PM noting which one(s) so that I can give you my email address so you can Email a picture of each along with documentation (a picture of the Ford Parts envelope they came in, or ?), and their lengths (see sample of dimension drawing attached). Note that the "Extension Length" is not the "Overall Length". The Extension Length is the Overall Length less a portion of the larger diameter "internal threaded length", which I have found varies from 1/8" to 1/2", depending on the Extension. Thus, the Overall Length and the Length of the larger diameter portion will be fine.

Thanks in advance for your help.


C20A-1705-A  (1966 MPC ;  Wheel Cover C6AZ-1130-A for Full Size Fords)

C2SZ-1705-A  (1960-64 MPC ;  For 1962-63 Thunderbird Wire Wheels - E.L. = 1-31/64")

C4AA-1705-A  (1964 MPC ; C4AZ--1130-B Wheel Cover, 14" Full Size Ford, with Crest) 

C4AZ-1705-A  (1960-64 MPC ; C4AZ-1130-B, Blue Crest & C4AZ-1130-C, RWB XL,  14" Wheel Covers for Full Size Fords)

C6AA-1705-A  (1966 & 67 MPC's ; C5DZ-1130-A, 13" Wheel Cover, Falcon)

C6AA-1705-B  ( 1966, 1967, 1960-68 MPC's ;  C30Z-1130-L, 13", sim wire w/spinner, 1966 Falcon ; C5AZ-1130-D, 15", sim wire w/spinner, 1966 Full Size ; C50Z-1130-B, 14", sim wire w/spinner, 1965-67 Fairlane, 1965-66 Mustang, 1966-67 Falcon ; C6AZ-1130-K, 15", sim mag, 1966-67 Full Size ; C7ZZ-1130-B, 14", Std Wheel Cover, 1967 ;  C80Z-1130-B, 14", w/Crest, 1968 Fairlane, Falcon).

C6AA-1705-D ( 1966 MPC ; C50Z-1130-A, 14" Wheel Cover w/Crest ; 1966-67 Fairlane & Falcon)

DORY-1705-A  (July, 1981 OSI Catalog shows "Not Replaced". Application Unknown)

1966 Coupe, C Code, 3 Sp MT, 6T07C154XXX, Build Date 11/22/65
1967 Conv, C Code, C4, 7F03C154XXX, Actual Build Date 01/31/67