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Discussions in forum threads - Please Read
« on: May 24, 2013, 08:24:34 AM »
In the interest of allowing the group here to be helpful to others and also to make it easier to search for information later, please try to be mindful of changing the subject or taking a thread somewhere it wasn't originally intended.  An example of this is someone asks "What's the correct voltage regulator for a '66" and after or before assistance is provided, someone else comes along and says 'how about my '69 Mach 1?"  I know Jeff and I have split out topic discussions before, but sometimes these questions can get overlooked and missed due to them being embedded in a thread that an expert in 69-70 cars might miss.

Just wanted to give a heads-up.  This is not a big deal and Jeff and I are happy to continue moderating this type of activity in threads, but of course, it would be helpful if folks were diligent and create a new topic if their question or feedback doesn't apply to the original thread topic.

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