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Title: Judging meeting Saturday 19th MCACN show Chicago
Post by: acman63 on November 16, 2016, 12:11:19 AM
SAAC Judging Meeting MCACN  Saturday 7 PM

I know this is kind of late notice on this meeting but it was unavoidable so dont kill the messenger.   I know theres a large group that are getting together for dinner that night and we are sorry we are going to conflict with that.   Getting the room dialed in and coordinating with the judges working at the show just was firmed up today.   I wasnt sure I was even going to be able to attend myself until this week. I had cancelled my hotel a few weeks ago but was able to get a room at the last minute.  When you arent in charge of a show you go with what were we dealt as far as schedule. 

Because of the scheduling conflict and you cant attend. and you have a question  or a topic that you would like discussed   please email me the txt info and I will read it at the meeting.  We hope to record the meeting so we have a record of it.

We have a meeting room set at the Double Tree  Hotel across the street from the show reserved starting at 7. We dont have a room number as of yet,  they will make a sign for us.   All interested parties are welcome to attend.  If anyone wants to get a text on the room Number once we have it   please send me your cell number and Ill text you the info

Topics to include  discussion of  SAAC Premier  and SAAC Concours   possible changes in rules.   Points needed for awards.  Review of SAAC 41    and upcoming SAAC 42 Indy event ,  Awards  etc

Again - sorry for the last minute issues