Author Topic: Desperate for a solvent for 3M Windo weld urethane.  (Read 2927 times)

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Re: Desperate for a solvent for 3M Windo weld urethane.
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I wouldn't use strip caulk. Too many chances to leak. I used the 8509 between the body and the seal and 8609 window weld between the glass and the seal. Rich from Mustangs to Fear has a great YouTube video of the glass install as well as the moldings. However, Operation Mustang suggests using #12 THHN wire, which I can assure you works MUCH better than rope/twine.   -Keith
 Chris Ingrassia's video:

Rich from Mustangs to fears videos on installation and molding installation.
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Re: Desperate for a solvent for 3M Windo weld urethane.
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I came up with a slick trick years ago for Post '68 ('69 and newer) Windshield sealing... Use a bead of the 3M Window Sealer (The Butyl Dum Dum stuff), and then just outside of that use a nice bead of real Urethane.  It will never leak, and the Butyl Dum Dum stuff is there like original plus it keeps the Urethane at bay from oozing in.  Works great!  Try it on your next '69 or newer windshield!...Plus when installed, You never even see the Urethane with the trim pieces installed..  Instead of using one or the other, Use both! It works great! ...While looking all original too!

PS: I've found plain old Gas or Ronson Lighter Fluid works great at a solvent... But once the Urethane is rock hard dry... Not much will take it off.. so be fast..


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