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Carburetor Gaskets - 4100 Carb Base and Spacer -
« on: April 28, 2017, 08:03:31 PM »
What a selection. It's an easy choice, or is it? Here's a few from my collection, some old, some new, some WTF. The black tape square was used to assist the camera to focus. It was used on most for that.
Carburetor to spacer -
1 This one came in a rebuild kit, I don't know which one, but its outline is on the base of one of my carburetors. It's 0.062 thk. The venturi holes are, or would be, 1.0635 dia.
2 This is marked D6HE-9C477-AA. It's 0.035 thk, flexible. All four venturi holes are 1.585 dia. I believe this is the correct one for a 1.08 carb.
3 One from an unknown rebuild kit. It's 0.062 thk, stiff. All four venturi holes are 1.485 dia. Note the four small (0.165 dia) holes.
4 (ID as 05) This one came off the car. It's 0.034 thk, stiff. Note the three vertical 0.025 dia holes.
5 (ID as 06) Another kit gasket. It's 0.032 thk, stiff. The primaries are 1.645 dia, the secondarys are 1.780 dia. I believe this is for a 1.12 carb.
Spacer to manifold -
6 This is from the car. It's 0.041 thk, and 0.082 over the raised (darker) areas. It feels like Bakelite. The venturis are 1.615 dia.
7 The other side.
8 This is typical of what is in some kits, specifically Walker 15255. It's the only gasket in this kit, still sealed, so I would assume its for the carb-space, but others have said spacer-manifold, and others for a different carburetor.
9 A Fel-Pro 60324 for large displacement engines. It's 0.030 thk, flexible, feels like asbestos. The venturis are 1.644 dia.  It's supposed to be used for spacer-manifold, trimmed to fit.
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