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rear spring saddle bushings

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Noticed in the chassis assembly manual (69) two U-shaped pads that go between the axle and the spring and the spring and the shock mounting bracket. I found them online and they are called "spring saddle bushings" by White Line for years 65-73. The AM shows for all cougar and body style 65E ex 428. Are these typically found on cars and if so has it been typically the cougars and coupes. Thanks in advance and everybody have a great memorial day weekend.


The pads between the rearend housing, rear spring and the spring saddle/shock mount is not a Mustang or Shelby used item for production cars

The Cougars have something like this...but not sure we are talking about the same thing here. 

Thanks for the clarification guys.

1969 Cale II:
Midsize cars use them. Must be a ride thing. You know, my Cyclone is better has a better ride than your Mustang. Ha Ha


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