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How do you get to the universal joint in the 67 mustang tilt steering column?

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I have some play in the steering wheel and think it may be from a worn universal joint below the tilt mechanism.  How to get to it and check it is the question.  Are these available if I need one?

The steering column top half, above the tilt and tilt-way hinge points, needs to be removed. The 67 Mustang Service manual has a good section that explains things, pictures etc. to assist. As mentioned in the other thread on 67 Tilt Column Discussion, there is a Snap-On tool that can be adapted to work on the 6-32" threaded holes in the hinge pins. The Snap-On tool has 8-32" threads and the threads can be chased with a 6-32" die to adapt the tool. Without the tool, getting the pins out might prove impossible or you can damage things. It is possible to make your own tool, I suppose.

Once below the hinge pins, you will find that you should only need to tighten the nut. Personally, I think it good to take it apart & lube the ball bearings but this could be a problem if you loose any of the 4 balls of the U-joint. If the column is out of the car, it would not be an issue but I know you can tighten the U-joint without taking the whole column out of the car.

Believe (been a while since I looked at it) that the shop manual has a section on the tilts

My Co-worker builds and repairs tilt columns. He does not tighten up the coupler on any of the tilt shafts. He claims that one or the other joint will be too tight. Yours may have loosened, we have seen it maybe once.
Pictures show 1967 tilt shaft, and the same coupler or U-joint visible.

If you suspect that the car has been in an accident, there may have been damage to the spacing on one or the other of the yokes. We have seen that too, it will cause a lot of frustration trying to get the two sides even. We have been unable to repair that kind of damage.

Steering looseness can be in the steering box, P/S control valve, idler arm, or the rag joint. With the car on a lift, you can normally isolate where the play is located.

Play in the tilt mechanism is normally locking pawl pins, that have worked themselves loose.

Thanks Scott


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