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1966 speedometer inaccurate
« on: July 06, 2017, 05:46:13 PM »
My speedometer reads from accurate to 10 or more mph too high, never on the low side.  It does occasionally read correctly, but not for long.   It really doesn't "jump around", it's just almost always steadily indicating too high.  From what I've read, attempts to lubricate the cable don't usually fix this problem and it ends up needing a new speedometer head.  Is that the consensus from those that have tried to repair the inaccuracy by lubricating or installing a new cable?  (Factory rims w/205/70R/14) original speedometer, automatic 3.00 rear end ratio.


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Re: 1966 speedometer inaccurate
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Hi There,

Aside from your comment that the speedometer is "sometimes" correct this really sounds like you have the incorrect gear on your speedo cable.  The P205 is larger than the factory original tire.  A P195 75/R14 is the closest that you can to the correct size and ride height on a  65 or 66 when using P-metric sized tires.

West Coast Classic Cougar has a handy calculator on their website to help you determine the correct number of teeth you need on the speedo cable gear based on your tire dimensions.

To determine your tire diameter in inches use this site:

Based on the information that you provided you need a speedometer gear with 19 teeth.  I'd start with the speedometer cable gear to ensure that it is correctly sized and not worn and then move on to the cable and the speedo head itself in diagnosing this issue.



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