Author Topic: Original 1971 (works for 72/73) PS hose Long with retainer.  (Read 174 times)

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Well after battling with "repro VS original" parts I bit the bullet and choose to use original Ford LINE parts on my Boss build.

I can offer an orignal 46 year old PS hose with no buggered threads, cuts burns or abrasions.     Just because I paid $280 to get two hoses -doesn't mean you have to (or pay half for this)

Offered for the absolute Boss 351 or 71 429 CJ/SCJ car being restored for $125.00 delivered in the USA.  If you are in AU or EU I will sell for $100 plus shipping.

Paypal prefered (I'll pay the fee) , can accept USPS money order IF "you like to revisit the old days" of waiting !

1969 R Code , Sportsroof (non Mach) W Axle
AB , Standard Interior  San Jose built 4/22/1969