Author Topic: Default Concours Correct screw for 79 Mustang Negative Battery Cable  (Read 250 times)

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I found this NOS Negative Battery Cable. Notice the middle tab, it attaches to the inner fender.

A few weeks ago I asked who knew what the screw that attached the middle of the Negative cable to the inner fender.

This is from Sandy's 76 Mile Pace Car

I looked all over to find this screw. None of the Ford illustrations from the parts books clearly showed the screw.

So I called Matt from NPD. Matt went out and looked at their Pace Car and gave me this picture.

He then looked at the other two 79 Mustangs and they were all the same screw.

Matt figured out it is the same Zinc Dichromate screw that holds the voltage regulator.

So today I tried it out and he was correct.  I have to give Matt and NPD credit. They took the time out of their day to look for me when no one else could help.

I appreciate that and now the Fox Mustang hobby is better.

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