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yellow parts stampings
« on: May 10, 2017, 12:26:34 PM »
Has anyone tried/had any idea's on replicating the yellow date and/or part # stamping on parts like the blower, wiper motor ? I have a '69, but it's also on other years.

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Re: yellow parts stampings
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2017, 02:11:52 PM »
You can have a stamp made at a stamp shop for under $10. The biggest problem is the font, so if you can scan the existing, or take a picture, cleaning it up on Photoshop can get what you need. OK, Photoshop software is expensive, and it takes some time to get the techniques figured out, but that's what it takes. For the ink, I use #1250 Aero Ink. It's an epoxy based, fast drying liquid so application usually makes a stamp pad a solid mess when you are done (only use as much of the pad as possible, then there may be enough remaining for a second try - buy pads on Amazon).
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Re: yellow parts stampings
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2017, 04:46:28 PM »
+1 With what Jim stated.  Shops will get something maybe close but they do not have the time nor often the talent to reproduce the original stampings.  From my 30 or so years in doing this sort of thing you will find that they will find a "stock" font from their assortment and adjust the size and there you go.  Often reproducing a stamp is a 10-30 hr job depending on how many features it has and the design.

In some cases with date stamps you can find one of those dial a date old looking stamps and have a shop make up one with dates from the 60's  In this case you often have issues with the fonts also (popular/commonly used fonts change over time) but its an option.

For other stamps so will take the reproduction decals that are suppose to replicate the original ink stamps. Unfortunately so many of the current reproductions are so poorly done IMHO and again suffer from font substitution that this should not be consider. In many cases stamp shops will refuse to reproduce stamps or stickers with the FoMoCo, Ford or Autolite scripts.  Just sharing based on allot of years and time spend (my annual orders are well over $1000 annually) doing this sort of thing.  IMHO no real short cut and making them and then marketing them only leads to allot of them being shared and stamped on the wrong vehicles and applications.
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