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Just added an article showing one quick and easy method to repair distributor diaphragms, authored by jwc66k (Jim) to Library. Thanks Jim!

You will find it labeled - Distributor Diaphragm Repair - One Quick & Easy Method to Repair Your Distributor Advance Diaphragm

You'll find it and a bunch of others in one of the top stickies labeled for different years and models.

In addition new versions of the following articles have also been posted.

- Undercarriage - Finishes and Sealer Guide for 1970 Dearborn Built Mustangs
Added a note about Boss 429 front wheel well difference.
More years and plants will follow as I try and finalize some 25 plus years of work from drafts to somewhat final works

- Date Codes - Decoding Date Codes
Added date decoding info and pictures for ignition coils, upper a or control arms, 65-66 brake proportioning valves, brake junction block dating and heater motor dating examples. This file is starting to take a long time to upload to our screens (currently 46 pages total) May look into change it into multiple sections to speed loading times.  If you haven't noticed we're basically writing a book one chapter at a time.

Hope these help members reach their concours related goals
Jeff Speegle

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