Author Topic: Autolite 4100 Throttle Shaft End Difference  (Read 171 times)

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Autolite 4100 Throttle Shaft End Difference
« on: September 01, 2017, 10:35:32 PM »
This came up over in the Shelby section, as part of a different discussion, and thought I would visit here with more of a focus.

Discussed the difference with Charles and he offered he had seen four variations but those included service parts also (NOS)

So would like to at least focus on the original assembly line ones if possible

So here are examples of what I found in my pictures. They (so far) have fallen into a pattern with no holes being the earlier version and the lower hole in the later with exceptions which might be a result of a rebuild or a fake/reproduction that got installed on the car

Carb #1  5R09K2141xx

Carb #2 5F07K28180xx Bad angle but appears to be no hole

Carb #2 Reported new take off but didn't list year or plant

Carb #3 Stamped 6Z  C

Carb #4 Stamped 6Z  C

Carb #5 6R07A1590xx

Carb #6 6R07K2040xx Rebuilt but original to the car -Know the car well

Carb #7 6S105x

Carb #8 6S117x

Carb #9 6S120x

Carb #10  6S145x

Carb #11  6S200x

Carb #12  6S208x

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