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66 Running Change Survey Thread - Starter Solenoid
« on: September 08, 2017, 10:55:11 PM »
We discussed this feature earlier in another thread and the subject came up (related to San Jose production) on another site so wanted to extend the research to or members and include what data we could add to what I'm assembling.  Same "rules" as the other surveys

 This thread is posted to collect data related to original style and markings of starter solenoids

- This is ONLY for 1966 Mustangs!!

- Participants need to  provide the cars VIN (you can leave off the last two numbers if you choose to keep it private) and the projected build date from the original door/warranty tag. If you happen to have the original date of sale that might help also

- Look for features or clues of the part possibly being replaced. Mounting screws, post washer style ......

- We're interested in markings on the top mounting bracket and would not hurt if you included the date marked on the solenoid. Examples of these dates can be found in the Date Coding article in the Library

- Picture would really help confirm things.

Again thanks for your time


66 San Jose results so far. The undetermined period may represent, in part, a time period when both may have been installed as they transitioned from one style to the other. The FoMoCo in the oval was an earlier (read 65) design and the FoMoCo in the rectangle was the normal/typical designed was the earlier designed used for 66 production

The transition period at this point appears to be between 6R20402x and 6R23137x

Additional vehicle information

6R20402x is the latest I have with -  2701966,  RBM and FoMoCo in the rectangle design. Projected build date - 21E

6R23137x is the earliest I found with - C6AF-11450-A, RBM and AUTOLITE.   Projected build date - 15G

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