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Need several early 1964 Mustang items

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Looking for the following preferably correct date coded items. My car has a 260 V8 with an automatic transmission that was built April 13, 1964 in Dearborn :
Fuel pump
Ignition coil
Original brass type master cylinder cap
Original standard rear view mirror in excellent condition
Brake pedal pad
Left front fender
Autolite 2100 Carburetor with CF4ZF-E
FoMoCo heater blower motor
Excellent original outer rear wheel well housings for both sides.
Correct date code front valance

This is just a start...  There are a lot of other original very early 1964 parts I'd like to get. I am trying to do a correct date code restoration of my pace car and would like to make everything correct again.  If you have a lot of early 1964 parts laying around I'd like to know what you have.  There is a good chance I will be interested.

Contact me with what you have and your information and I will contact you.


Hey Mike, good luck with your treasure hunt.

I have a NOS fuel pump marked E4 (May 1964), one month later than what you're looking for, pics available to view here:

Bob Gaines:
I have a NOS coil with a 4C date code in the FOMOCO box that I would sell for 350.00 . I also have a nice used coil that has been tested ,repainted and re stamped with appropriate engineering stamp and date code for 100.00 .PM me if interested.

I might have a few items.

Word of caution on wheel housings... there may be differences in the service parts vs. what was originally installed.  Also, don't feel you need to replace entire panels, it's better to cut out rusted areas (if that's the issue) and repair.  Unless you have a high dollar spot welder, it's very difficult to replicate the original appearance of spot welds.

On the front fender, consider cutting out a date code from a damaged fender and welding in.  Could reduce your search time as finding a March/April '64 fender will be very difficult.  Might have to buy a car to get one.

Thanks Charles,

I appreciate the advice.  Unfortunately my fender is a reproduction so I need to find something with a date code or recreate that. Fortunately I do have a good spot welder. One of my outer wheel wells has some damage that someone attempted to straighten long before I got the car so I will have to replace it. I have been trying to find a good early parts / donor car for wheel wells and other parts but everything I seen so far are too rusty to salvage much.


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