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1967 - 1968 / Re: Keys
« Last post by J_Speegle on Today at 02:45:16 PM »

For Concours should I source an NOS brass ignition and trunk key and put the round disc with it? Or use the old brass and get a new brass trunk key? Does the disc key number mean anything to judges or will any old number (not matching to car) suffice?

In Concours Trailered I've never know a team that inspected or asked to see the keys. If the key code disc was attached to the keys they would never see it and if they did they would not have any numbers to compare it to unless they went through an owners manual which is unlikely in the situation
1969 - 1970 / Re: Carburetor plating the steel parts
« Last post by J_Speegle on Today at 02:42:24 PM »
..................... I need to get the bolts done where they zinc or cadmium??

With the new info the bowl screws, and small screws that hold the brackets to the carb and the accelerator pump to the bowl I believe were originally dichromate. Make sure the bowl screws (the long one that go in through the bowls and into the main body) are the correct originals (use a flat headed screw driver) not the hex heads that Holley used later in production and over the counter as replacements

Allot of the carbs you will see that have been restored will have everything dichromated where IMHO on originals many of the rods and some arms were not (attached after other sections were plated)
1969 - 1970 / Re: Carburetor plating the steel parts
« Last post by 7Lscjracer on Today at 01:54:54 PM »
I have one of those 70 Holley/Autolite manual choke carbs disassembled on the shelf.
I bought it NOS, but ran it on a car for years so it's not much help anymore as far as identifying plating types goes sorry to say.
Some of the original small pieces are of different construction than what is currently serviced by Holley though.
You'll have to replate those, but others you could buy new.
However, you might as well replate everything since it would all be covered by the minimum charge.
Cad plating is very expensive these days due to ever increasing environmental regs, but zinc not as much.
The yellow chromate is an additional process, a conversion coating to give it the gold hue on either type of initial plating.
All I can say is carefully inspect each small part for traces of original finish after spray cleaning with carb cleaner.
I don't think any of those parts would have been cadmium plated because it's never been cheap.
I had a bunch of small parts cadmium plated in the early 80's, they called it barrel plating, and the minimum was $100 for whatever fit in.
I'd hate to think what it would cost now.
My money's on some silver zinc and some yellow zinc parts.
I'm sure any number of people on here will chime in with pics of their concours or NOS carbs.
1967 - 1968 / Re: Keys
« Last post by Bossbill on Today at 01:51:26 PM »
Just what are aluminum, bare finish, round hole, "Ford Family of Fine Cars" Keys?

I just looked through my stash and found the original keys to my 67 SJ.
I have one well worn brass, ignition/lock round hole, "Family of Fine Cars" (you can still read the text, but barely); one aluminum bare finish, round hole, "Family of Fine Cars" ignition key and one (same) trunk.
Off to the side I have what may be a set of C9AZ keys, aluminum bare finish, round hole, 'Family of Fine Cars" ignition and trunk with the fine wire and round disc key number.

For Concours should I source an NOS brass ignition and trunk key and put the round disc with it? Or use the old brass and get a new brass trunk key? Does the disc key number mean anything to judges or will any old number (not matching to car) suffice?
1967 - 1968 / Re: '67 Rear Bumper Guards with Dual Exhaust?
« Last post by Bossbill on Today at 01:17:34 PM »
The "Illustrated Facts" book, under the heading of "Engine Exhaust Systems" is certainly confusing.
On page 29 is this gem:
"All Mustang GT models are equipped with a dual exhaust system. This system consists of dual exhaust pipes, and [sic] equalizer pipe, dual "node" chambers and resonators, dual exhaust outlet pipes, and dual chrome exhaust outlet tips extending under [my emphasis] the rear modesty panel. This same system, with the exception of the chrome exhaust tips, is included on all other Mustangs equipped with the 289 - cubic - inch High - Performance V - 8. All other Mustangs are equipped with a single exhaust system."

The page then has a chart that obliterates a lot of what was just said and shows only 289 Hi-Po and 390 cars got dual exhaust.

So, the first sentence is wrong (according to the chart).
The paragraph indicates that all exhaust goes under [my emphasis] the modesty panel (aka valance/valence) and then goes to say the Hi-Po does not get the dual outlet pipes. I wondered where I got that idea from.

Page 22 say the the GT Equipment group includes " . . . -- plus  dual exhaust system with bright "quad"  extensions [not "dual . . . tips"] on 390 and 289 High - Performance V - 8".

Then finally, and appearing nowhere else is the note on page 30 that the Hi-Po is available only "(with GT Equip. Only)"

This whole business of what is correct with respect to dual exhaust has been muddled by the "facts" book.
1969 - 1970 / Re: 69 r code steering hoses
« Last post by specialed on Today at 12:59:53 PM »
Mr Browns  ?  was about the P/S cooler hoses  having foam & his early car  didn't  as I have been trying to figure out when Dearborn cars started using foam sometime in the spring from what I seen. When the later pump pressure hose C9za started using the spiral wrap then u don't  (and cant) use that special plastic hose holder that snaps together the pump pressure hose to the p/s cooler long lower hose & there is a blueish purple color code in middle of pump pressure hoses (that don't use the spiral wrap) & the same color code in the middle of the lower return hose & that's where the 2 color codes meet is where the black plastic hose holder clips together & that's why the foam is split in 2- 5''  sections so the clip holder car be used there.  Someone needs to repo the c7az lower p/s & cooler smooth hoses that have the white printing on them as all P/S systems use this hose & nothing out there that even looks close & I been reuseing originals I take off trucks & other fords in yards. If I only knew someone who could have this hose made. Hint mr brown!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a good idea to have  lug nuts torqued down onto the studs while you are doing the final trueing up of the rotors.  This will ensure the hub is tight to the rotor and similates actual wheel being bolted up.
1965 - 1970 Shelby / Re: 65 Package Shelf
« Last post by wunderwerks on Today at 12:24:43 PM »
The number is 182826422001.  Can also find it by search 65 Shelby Package Shelf.
Hi guys, thanks for letting me join.
Few months ago I bought a neat 1968 C-code GT. Over the years I has been slightly modified over what does the door data plate say.
Honestly it looks now better black on black interior, but I would like to restore it as the Marti report says:
65B Mustang Decor 2-Door Hardtop
Y Sunlit Gold Paint, Ford #3073-A
6Y Nugget Gold Vinyl Luxury Bucket Seats
Your vehicle was equipped with the following features:
- Black Paint Stripes
- Black Vinyl Roof
- 7.35X14-4 Ply Rated White Sidewall Tires
- AM Radio
- Interior Decor Group
- Tinted Glass
- Deluxe Seat Belts
- Heavy Duty Battery

As I had a brief google search over the above mentioned options, I couldnt find any details about the 6Y interior trim. Neither I found it in any online shop. All the nugget gold seats come in standard trim, not luxury... and what does the interior decor group consist od? I do have a roof central console, but nothing on the floor. Is there anything more that comes in the dashboard?
I also have a turn signal hood but it is not indicated in the report. Does it mean it was added at some point later?

Below come some pics of the car as it is right now.

 FIRST, Welcome...I hope we can all help you with your questions and venture into performing your intentions.

It might help to know more from the Marti Report to answer about the hood but the other items, I'll take a swing at. A date code from your hood could also help detrmine if it is likely original to your car but we woud need your actual build date to help on that detail. Moving onto the rest of your questions...
1.) Nugget Gold Luxury seats will be difficult to find the right material but I hink you will find it. Hopefully, the few others who have can help you with "where" to look for it.
2.) Your steering wheel is incorrect for any 68 but an original would have simulated wood center pad insert. I don't think it is 100% clear right now but some had "chromed" circles & trim in the steering wheel insert, while others were a satin silver color. We have an MCA certified Gold Card judge who regularly chime in, maybe he can shed a little more light on the steering wheel comments.
3.) You have the correct wood dash trim mostly intact but it will need replaced/restored. There should also be a center filler panel over the radio (with wood inserts). The door panels have the correct wood inserts and lower speaker grille covers for the deluxe interior. The upper console is also par of this option and would also have a simulated wood insert. The LOWER console is optional, so it would be called out on a Marti report if original. You would also find 4-holes under the carpet on the driveshaft tunnel, if there ever was one installed (correctly) in the car's history. Also, the rear seat quarter trim is upholstered on a deluxe interior car. It looks like yours is also. I think those are the major components of this option. I am better versed on the 67's but have a good general idea on the 68's (though we do not see many coupes with the luxury interior)
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