Author Topic: Thanks for help - my Magic Skyway convertible  (Read 3627 times)

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Re: Thanks for help
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Great article and pictures. Don't know what the photographers are doing - but either they have gotten allot better over the years, have allot more toys to use or they pictures just look a whole lot better on my big monitor then they do on magazine pages.

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Re: Thanks for help
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It says there were 12 Mustangs.  Gary has one, have any of the other 11 ever resurfaced?  I assume they would have the same DSO.  Were they all also convertibles and/or 6 cylinders?  And would their VINS be close to Gary's?
In the "Mustang Production Guide, Vol 1" pg107, there is a second Worlds Fair Mustang listed, 5F08T383376. Gary's is 5F08T38386 (shown as entered by Al Schweitzer). Both have the same codes; body - 76A; exterior - M; interior - 85; date - 15B; DSO 842111; axle - 2; transmission - 6. Note the date, 15B - February 15. Almost all the other Mustangs in that VIN range have scheduled build date in December, code M. About 3,100 units before the World's Fair Mustangs are 10 of the A/FX Mustangs. December 1964 was a busy month for Ford.
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Re: Thanks for help
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Thanks for pointing that out-LOL   :P :P

You're welcome!  ;D
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Re: Thanks for help - my Magic Skyway convertible
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Here is a great story that Jim Smart had in the January 2016 "Mustang Monthly." 

There are currently 4 known Magic Skyway Mustangs.  Two of them are from the 1964 season of the Fair and two are from the 1965 season of the Fair.  All of the 12 1964 season Mustangs were  "F" code "5C" pre-production cars.  The 12 1965 season cars were all "T" code 6 cylinders.  For each season of the World's Fair Ford ordered 12 Mustangs for a total of 24 Magic Skyway Mustangs.
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