Author Topic: 69 Metuchen black out and deadener front wheel wells and inner fender  (Read 305 times)

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I went through a number of existing threads (found discussion on Dearborn) but looking for discussion of blackout on the inner fenders/ front wheel wells for a May built Metuchen car. I have the AIM and see the drawings and notes on blackout and sound deadener, looking for photos and or discussion about what has been seen.

If this is covered in a thread I did not find yell and I will delete

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Re: 69 Metuchen black out and deadener front wheel wells and inner fender
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Not sure if NJ has been covered - surely not as much as Dearborn has for this year.

Will post some pictures tomorrow but basically its like San Jose - black from rear splash shield all the way around to the rear splash shield on the other side. this is over the sealers and the prior red oxide application from the firewall forward. 

Sound deadener added after the car is fully assembled (minus wheels and tires) from below in the pit. Attempts to seal the splash shields to the fenders over the front and rear inner panels and sometimes on the bottom of the front fenders
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