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General Discussion / Re: Ford Distributor Rebuild
« Last post by carlite65 on Today at 02:53:28 PM »
try dan nolan at located in south east penn.
General Discussion / Ford Distributor Rebuild
« Last post by 9F94M567042 on Today at 02:46:34 PM »
Good Morning,
I have read all the posts about Tim O'Conner and his Ford Distributor Rebuild Services.
Checking his website, he says he might start again in October of 2017. I have sent him
an email, but have not heard back. Does anyone have any recommendations for
another supplier of this type of service(s) if he does not wish to continue?
I recently picked up a distributor in what could have been used in my April '69 Cougar.
Distributor has date code of 8M16 which would have been December '68.
Thanks Much
Thanks Jeff.  I wish that my original spring did exist.  I did find another post that showed an image of a AU stamped spring, so that answers my question on what would be stamped on an AU spring..  But, as you mentioned, the group is still Composing a complete list of parts and applications.  I'm learning from this group, so a Thank You for this forum as well.

1964 1/2 - 1966 / Re: drum brake components: reuse?
« Last post by Bossbill on Today at 01:09:42 PM »
I believe these will end up being silver. Careful inspection (given the pic quality) shows silver through the plastic.
I will find out since I need a few for various cars I have.

If I feel the need I can spray them goldish. It's not like anyone can see them.
1964 1/2 - 1966 / Re: '65 steering shaft/box removal
« Last post by caspian65 on Today at 11:43:20 AM »
There are 2 ways for a V8.

1-Loosen motor mount and jack the engine up for clearance, unbolt the box and pull it out from underneath.  Will need the car up in the air a ways, preferably on a lift.

2-Remove the driver seat, unbolt the column from the dash and slide the tube off.  Unbolt the steering box and pull it up out of the engine bay.  It's been a while since I did one that way, I don't recall if the LH strut brace has to come off or not.
1964 1/2 - 1966 / Re: '65 steering shaft/box removal
« Last post by socalgt on Today at 11:26:54 AM »
To be honest, in this case, I'd rather have input from someone who has actually done it rather than a procedure in the shop manual.  I will, however, check it and see what it says.

1964 1/2 - 1966 / Re: '65 steering shaft/box removal
« Last post by drummingrocks on Today at 11:12:27 AM »
I do think you have to remove the driver's side valve cover.
1967 - 1968 / Re: 1967 convenience low fuel light remains on
« Last post by 67gta289 on Today at 10:16:26 AM »
I ended up doing the same, buying one from NPD.  I measured the resistance, or should say attempted to, while on the bench.  In one direction I saw 1 kohm, and in the other it was open.  The thermistor is not a simple resistor, so that should not be shocking.  Sorry for the electrical pun, I couldn't resist.

Then I installed it in the trunk.  I had the thermistor loose, not attached to the sending unit, so I used two jumper wires to complete the circuit.

At 13.2V (Ign), with the thermistor in the air (shop temp ~70F) it took just under 3 minutes for the thermistor to heat up enough to turn the low fuel light on.   

When I submerged the thermistor in a small cup of water, the light went out almost immediately.  After extracting the thermistor, it took another 3 minutes or so for the light to come on.

I'm including this information so that (1) if you don't measure resistance on your thermistor, you don't necessarily have one that is broken, and (2) you know the timing involved so that if you do your own test, you don't give up too soon and start spending more money!

1969 - 1970 / 1970 AT Floor Shifter Wire
« Last post by 1970 Snake on Today at 10:13:48 AM »
The wire going from the floor shifter to the firewall wire harness, has a cover over it much like the rattle covers on the door latch rods.
Mine is frayed and damaged and I need to find a new on or somehow fix the one I have. I have tried taping it with the mesh tape used to attach the plastic wire harness clips for example the wiper motor wires, but that's not the answer as you can see from my attached picture
Does anyone know if these are reproduced or where to get one in good condition. This wire feeds power to the shifter light.
1964 1/2 - 1966 / Re: '65 steering shaft/box removal
« Last post by rockhouse66 on Today at 08:45:21 AM »
I am pretty sure the shop manual details the process and, just from memory, I don't think the parts you mentioned need to be removed.

In other words, look in the shop manual for your definitive answer.
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