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1967 - 1968 / Re: Photos of 1967 San Jose pinchweld blackout paint
« Last post by Bossbill on Today at 02:09:18 PM »
This pic:

shows color overspray onto the hard fuel line, rubber and bracket.
It doesn't show black over the color, although that could have worn off.
Did the owner say this car was original without a subsequent re-spray? Yeah, tough question.

Were the fuel line and other components installed prior to paint?

If so I need to install them prior to underbody color and blackout so they get the right amount of overspray.
1964 1/2 - 1966 / 64 1/2 shock tower decal
« Last post by caspian65 on Today at 12:55:00 PM »
I may have asked this in the past, but revisiting again.  In going through some of my images of 64.5 cars (generator), I am not finding any examples of LH service specification shock tower decals being used.  I have examples up into July '64 that do not appear to have the decal.  I believe it's fairly common knowledge that 64.5 cars usually would not have a jacking instruction decal in the trunk.

A few samples attached.  Anyone have additional reference pics?
Cars for Sale / Re: 1966 K Code
« Last post by Building 3 on Today at 12:42:15 PM »
What interior? What options are on the car?
Many thanks Charles. Time to change the decals and color as well in my opinion.
1964 1/2 - 1966 / Re: correct decals engine compartment for 64 1/2 289
« Last post by caspian65 on Today at 12:23:29 PM »
From an unrestored July '64 example...
I am looking for photos of a correct engine bay for a Dearborn built, July 64 289 D-Code. I guess my decals on the air filter are wrong. What about a decal on the road draft system?
Thanks for help,
Think you will find that is an over the counter one rather than a 68-69 version sold and/or installed through Ford and Mercury
I know, thats why I said looks a lot like one ... not exactly. Probably should have been clearer with my post. :-[
Wanted Ads / Re: Intake
« Last post by blakekogan on Today at 07:50:41 AM »
try to look over here best with your search
1967 - 1968 / Re: '67 Rear Bumper Guards with Dual Exhaust?
« Last post by 67gtasanjose on Today at 06:35:44 AM »
Here is a "Hints from Heloise" on the rear valance when you do body work or replace the rear quarters.
Always install the rear valance when putting new quarters on the car or the car has been hit in the rear and you are affecting repair.
If you don't you may find that the valance is either too wide or too narrow as the quarters can move in and out quite a bit during install or repair...

Agree, and this using assembly line valances too! BEWARE also of the aftermarket (and perhaps service replacements) since at least (a majority of) the aftermarket valances, are well-known to be too short and do not reach. I've seen some very bad looking gaps on the show field.
1967 - 1968 / Re: Photos of 1967 San Jose pinchweld blackout paint
« Last post by 67gtasanjose on Today at 06:22:10 AM »
Thanks for uncovering another dead link thread - fixed now with some of the same and some new examples

I thought a couple of those looked EXTREMELY familiar  ;) At first, I looked at the reply date and noticed it was before I took mine apart (I did not notice the EDIT date). I have been reviewing these pics as well as all of mine lately A LOT and trying to determine correct timing, not so much for the topic in discussion yet (pinch weld blackout), but other things leading up to it, thing like "When was the brush-on sealer applied to the rocker panel seams and trunk drop off seams, including brush-on sealer around the seat belt plates, was this BEFORE or AFTER body color..."
(perhaps other threads on this, I will look)
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