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2017 NPD Catalogue Mis-numbers 65-66 V8 rear wheel cyls


Just a PSA if you're ordering rear brake cylinders from NPD.  Their 2017 catalogue identifies the b4 4/15/66 LH rear wheel cyl as 2261-4 and the RH side as the same number.  They are not the same part as brake line port is a mirror image of each other.  It should be as follows:

b4 4/15/66 LH rear wheel cyl:  2261-4
b4 4/15/66 RH rear wheel cyl:  2261-1

The above when mounted will have their brake line ports facing rearward.
I noticed their 2001 catalogue has the above numbers reversed.

Fortunately I bought them together a year and a half ago so the reversal didn't matter but anyone ordering from NPD be aware and use 2261-1 for the RH rear wheel cylinder.

These are for the 29/32" bore wheel cylinders.

A side note: I wonder if  my schedule build April 12 1966 Coupe had the 29/32" wheel cylinders or could they be 7/8"?  Unfortunately they have been replaced already since they have the 3/8" bleeder fittings.

Yeah, sorry that's on me.
The database is correct as is the brake chart listing in the 2017 catalog.  Just missed correcting the wheel cylinder category.  It was already edited in the 2018 version which will print soon.
Contact your salesperson.  They'll take care of you.
Again, my apologies.

The difference in wheel cylinder sizes will effect the pedal pressure slightly.  You would have to pretty sensitive to feel the difference the 1/32 inch change in diameter would make.

Great!  I noticed the brake chart listing in the catalogue is correct for 1966 but lists both rear cylinders for 1965 as 2261-4.  It's all good as I think when I bought them a year ago or so I didn't write down the part number on a list like I usually do and had them look it up on their computer.

And a shout out for the folks working Ventura's NPD - They are great to work with.


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