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Unrestored - 70 Boss 429 Picture Thread
« on: January 03, 2018, 11:01:02 PM »
Disclaimer: :) As always we need to warn that unrestored does not always mean unaltered by previous owners. Just because this car has/had a specific detail does not mean your car was built just the same. Always do your research, document your findings and make the best choice for you and your expectations.

Cars' VIN is -  0F02Z1307xx with a Nov 6, 1969 an actual build date. The car was on display at a show a few years back and I grabbed a few quick pictures of mostly the engine compartment but also a few of the trunk and interior. Wish I had had more time or that it was on a lift but was happy to get what I did and now share them with the members here. Know er have at least a couple of members building similar cars currently.

Have 29 pictures total I plan on posting - hope they help others and foster a discussion or two and expand our understanding of these cars.


Int 1

Int 2 Non- Fold down car

Trnk1 Taillight, luggage protectors and some of of the spare

Trnk2Passenger side marker light area and surfaces

Trnk3 Looks like someone pealed off the battery label and stuck it on the trunk hinge to save it for some reason. You may notice the the sound deadener applied to the quarter panel is sprayed in a pattern that travels forward towards the front surfaces of the quarter panel. By 70 the plants had changed what they were doing in earlier years and were applying the sound deadener before the panel was attached to the uni-body


Trnk5Battery caps and hold down

Trnk6 Jack and other trunk hardware

Trnk6 Seems that the worker installing the rear wing support brackets got them backwards on this car  ::)


Ext 1 Rear window slats attaching hardware

Engine compartment to follow
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Re: Unrestored - 70 Boss 429 Picture Tread
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neb  70 b9   The only FACTORY installed rear spoiler & louvers car ever documented & was ordered that way & somehow got built that way at Dearborn plant.