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Odd shaped front wheel bearing retainer


Anyone come across odd shaped bearing retainers?  I pulled this one from the passenger side of my '66 Mustang.  I can't imagine what circumstance would lop off a chunk of bearing retainer and the end of it looks like the part was stamped too close to the edge of the sheet of metal it was made from. 

Even if this came from the factory I harvest one from a set of '66 front spindle and drum set.  It may not matter but I wanted full coverage.

I have seen these many times before but I cannot say "where". It is possible that somebody picked this out of a "junk drawer" when servicing a bad wheel bearing (my guess) and it is simply random.

Those "retainers" were stamped from a sheet of CRS and occasionally the sheet would move to the edge if the die resulting in what you see.


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