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Tire valve caps, gray versus black
« on: May 03, 2017, 11:28:31 AM »
I had a conversation with Rob Webber.  He was the Dearborn Assembly Plant manager from 2000-2004.  He owned the last 2004 Mach 1 built and walked it down the line.  I and others had been having on and off discussions in regards to black versus gray tire valve caps and what the rhyme or reason was between the use of the two colors.  For the record these are Dill #630 style caps.  When my 2003 Mustang was delivered it had 3 gray and 1 black cap plus a gray one on the spare.
While I was talking to Rob about the history of his Mach, I asked him about the tire valve caps of which all 5 caps on his car were gray.  He responded with "well this car was never dealer prepped."  I further asked about the gray vs. black and things got interesting.  What he remembers is that after the Ford/Firestone tire debacle, sometime around 2001, Ford became very sensitive about tire pressures.  The plants were instructed to assemble all tire/wheels with gray caps.  Further the dealers were instructed to check tire pressures during dealer prep and once checked replace all the gray caps with black ones to signify that the check had been done on each tire.  Hence the reason all his caps were gray.  For my car, well we all know that Dealer prep does not always follow the letter so it seems that maybe only the one tire on my car was checked. 
He had no recollection of black versus gray caps prior to the Firestone tire issue.
An interesting story for what it is worth.
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Re: Tire valve caps, gray versus black
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Scott, very interesting. Thanks for sharing.  John
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Re: Tire valve caps, gray versus black
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That is interesting!  My '93 Cobra came with gray caps (I think I still have them somewhere).  My '03 Cobra came with black (believe I also have those stashed somewhere too).
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