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1965 1966 red console
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:42:43 PM »
 I have just finished reconditioning a very nice red 65-66 floor console for coupe or fastback. This is an original red console that has its original metal console inserts and ashtray. The only reproduction parts are the wiring harness, console light, door springs, ash tray bumpers, and black plastic end piece (end plate). The metal inserts have been stripped of their old paint and repainted satin black. The top portion of the console also has a fresh coat of red interior color. This console is for an automatic transmission application and I have repaired the metal "clip' that holds the automatic trim plate down (see pics).

Issues:  There were two small hair line cracks that have been repaired from underneath and are not visible from viewing otherwise (see pics). These have been glued with high strength hobby glue. There was also a hole drilled within the console storage (in the middle-to back area) and this was filled with black epoxy glue as a cover up.

PLEASE feel free to ask any questions or for more pics.
           $400.00 ,,  buyer to pay shipping but would prefer to be picked up locally  (I'm in north central Md.) I can deliver to Ford Carlisle for free.
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