Author Topic: Autolite C4OFAL HiPo Carb & Dearborn HiPo Radiator C4ZE 8005 G1 5HB  (Read 223 times)

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An autolite C40FAL, the hipo 289 manual choke carb that was used on a K-code Mustang. The Carb is in nice un-molested condition nothing frozen or broken. The vacuum advance threads are very nice the fuel line threads are good too. The C40FAL stamp is nice. I cleaned the tag off so you can clearly see it.  $2000.  Shipping included. 

I also have a 65-66 HiPo Radiator C4ZE 8005 G1 5HB made at Dearborn plant.  $650.  Shipping included on items.

I take paypal.   
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