Author Topic: Competition Prepared SVO's 41C Option  (Read 2097 times)

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Competition Prepared SVO's 41C Option
« on: August 19, 2009, 06:39:02 PM »
With around 1% of the total production of SVO's built from 1983 to 1986 "comp prep" SVO's.  Firewall difference is the only way to confirm a true CP car -VIN number offers no clue.  Spring Code verification can be made IF the door sticker is in place, original and readable !

Easily viewed as the "R model" of the breed some had SCCA expousure, some were simply ordered and sold  and some just put away.  These cars have a seperate following, mystique and value all thier own !

Many savy dealers placed stock orders , choosing 41C to deduct close to $1500.00 from the invoice.  (Dealer added AC or radio still allowed them to offer a "cheaper SVO" than the dealer down the street )

Total productions numbers of Comp Prep's can vary according to sources - much confussion lies around the way 1985/1985.5 cars were tracked.

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