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67 Radio ground
« on: May 05, 2017, 01:08:43 AM »
This is for a 67 with a console and after removing the radio and looking at the schematic I don't see a dedicated ground for this radio in the wring harness. Does the radio antenna work as a ground for the radio ? My radio worked before removal but had issues but not any that would make me think ground, one being when the radio was installed my tach worked at 80% of normal but did work, with the radio removed tach works normally and the radio bench tests fine.
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Re: 67 Radio ground
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Though the radio COULD get a ground signal from the antenna, I do not believe that was Ford's intension. The ground IS through the radio's case as you suspect since there is no dedicated grounding wire.The rear radio support bracket would logically be the intended source of ground. Be sure your bracket and hardware are clean of corrosion or rust.
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