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66 San Jose Undercarriage Finish Guide Posted in Library
« on: October 29, 2017, 07:17:50 PM »
Just posted up a final (hopefully) draft of a 20 year + project for comment and correction. Seems that every time I look at it I want to tweek and add a little but its time to kick it out of the nest and get others at least started. 

English was never one of my better subjects in school.  I've been sending these out, rather than retyping all of this every time some one asks, over the years so figured it would never be perfect and that I should share at this point. If there are any questions of comments please use this thread to do so and I'll adjust or help out from there.

Wish the illustrations printed to pdf as clearly as they do on the screen or on paper but viewing the article full screen helps a bit

It's posted in the 1966 section of the Library in the first article section under the title of  Undercarriage - Finishes and Sealer Guide for 1966 San Jose Built Mustangs  & Shelby's A link is also provided in the 65-70 Shelby articles section

Its a Big file so will take some time to load. Be patient  :)

Hope this helps many with these cars as we have with the already published 69 & 70 Dearborn undercarriage articles.
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