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FOR SALE 68 Mustang ORIGINAL Antenna



$100 plus shipping, DOMESTIC

It even has decent chrome on bezel! Has original cable. Will clean up very nicely. Daily-Driver quality in the "as it is"condition.
Fits 64.5-68 but it was removed from a 68. Concours details of any differences have been discussed within site threads. Car was repainted to you see paint on the cable etc.
Includes everything pictured and I could provide more pictures if you have interest.


More pictures.
In a few days I will list this on eBay with the starting price of $125.

After spending a few minutes looking at it closely, it is in exceptionally good condition. Yes it is too bad that somebody sprayed some blue paint on to it. That will clean off.

Going to send it over to the Bay...last chance to get it at $100.

Listing on eBay w/international shipping options. A bit more than 6 hrs left at about 2PM eastern time


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