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For sale all parts are OEM and in great or good restorable condition.  Prices do not include shipping unless noted.

1969 Boss 302 OEM front spoiler.  Driver quality with a little curb rash.  $250

1968/69 428 CJ Carter X fuel Pump, 6J8A date code (Sept 68) disassembled, bead blasted and ready to reassemble with AMK rebuild kit provided.  $600 shipped in US

1969/1970 Rear trap door.  Excellent condition one dime size dimple, no screw holes or speaker holes. $300

390 Air cleaner Snorkle $50

1965 center console with wiring and chrome piece $200

1966 console front Chrome piece $50

1965 NOS Headlight door $30

1967 NOS front grill chrome piece $30

1970 OEM Passenger rear quarter extension perfect shape $100

1970 OEM Right and left complete reinforced shock towers removed at factory spot welds.  $300 for the pair

1970 OEM Battery tray, very solid but has some pitting where battery sits but only cosmetic, same size as Boss 302, $30

1970 OEM Rear Spoiler with correct DOZZ pedestals.  Needs sanded and painted $ 400

1970 OEM shock tower top brackets ready to sand and paint. $25

OEM Jack handles $40 each

PM if interested will post pics and update as I get through more stuff.   


Added Pics

67 Wheel and 70 Valance SOLD


I am sorry for the confusion on my part.  It is a 390 Snorkel that apparently can be modified into a CJ Snorkel still $50.  Rookie ignorance, please forgive.


Once again, Sorry.  It has become abundantly clear I have no clue as to what I have.  It is a Ford OEM ??? snorkel from somewhere between 1901 and 2017.  It has been said that it can be modified into a CJ snorkel as the snout is the same.  So If you know what it is or if you want it or both it is for sale for $50.  I have also been told it is a 351 snorkel.   ??? 


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