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Re: 71 Mach 1 trunk
« Reply #15 on: January 10, 2018, 04:30:39 PM »
Looking at the picture of the car showing the filler boot it looks like there is no trunk paint overspray on it. I have read that there is now a point deduction for no overspray on the filler boot. Should there be overspray on the filler boot or not?

If you look at post #2 the second picture down does not appear to have any trunk coating on the boot and in picture #7 it shows the boot removed and the  trunk spray is under where the boot would be attached - suggesting that it was applied before and none would be over the boot

If your worried or or have a question about judging I suggest that you ask the organization and offer any evidence you have.

Here are two of the examples enlarged



And since 71 Cougars were built on the same line and by the same workers as well as painters I thought I would offer these even though Ford/Mercury saved a few cents by only painting around were the mat would not cover completely  ::)




I wonder if they are combining different time periods through out the 71-73 production period and not reflecting all possible changes.  If its MCA that is what they do on undercarriages and other areas rather than list specifically that this plant used these colors this year and that plant, during a particular year applied this finish.
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Re: 71 Mach 1 trunk
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I have applied a very light overspray over the filler seal at the trunk floor and over the screws attaching it to the floor.  MCA Rules do specify overspray.  The attaching screws were questioned by a judge last year.  I discussed with Perkins at 2017 Grand National and in email before.  He has observed both hex head and pan head.  It appears as hex head are more 71 and pan head more 72 & 73.  Hex head are phosphate gray and pan heads are gold cad from what I have gathered in looking at known original cars.
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