Author Topic: 1967 Shelby under dash cluster help.  (Read 380 times)

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1967 Shelby under dash cluster help.
« on: June 01, 2016, 03:20:29 AM »
I am reassembling my cluster. I had it professionally refinished in a wrinkle paint.
1. I can't find the screws that hold the gauges into the cluster housings. Can anyone post a picture of them and tell me what the thread  and length is?
2. The ammeter is not marked with polarity. Could someone post a picture so I can get the wiring back on?
3. I can't remember how the oil line was ran though the back. I remember it being through the lower of the two existing holes in the back of the housing.
Can anyone help with pictures?
                                                                                       Thank you again for the help,
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