Author Topic: front fender sound deadner  (Read 2703 times)

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Re: front fender sound deadner
« Reply #15 on: December 14, 2017, 05:32:07 PM »
But after seeing Youtube videos of the Transtar brand application, this appears to be the ticket.  If you have an O'Reiley's nearby or one of the other auto parts store under their corporate umbrella you can buy Transtar brand sealer. [Note: Transtar also offers a gun for almost double the cost of Autobodytools.]

Hope they offer it in a better (for our use) color - guessing so.  Maybe for front wheel wells but will stick with my favorite or the other areas of the car   ::)

Note - Picture links rebuilt
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Re: front fender sound deadner
« Reply #16 on: December 14, 2017, 08:32:23 PM »
Once you have a process that works it's good to stay with it.

That particular series of Transtar sprayable comes in gray and black.

Thanks for updating the links. Compared to SJ, Dearborn really hosed that stuff on. Neat to see the differences.
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